Strategic process

Offer a brand experience that your audience will recognize as original, safe and trustworthy

Frogans NOW can express your brand values in one or several Frogs (also known as Frogans sites), a new type of site on the Internet. And, to make sure they align with your business objectives, we follow a custom process that requires your input at every strategic step.



1. Discovery

The discovery process is driven by high-level client input paired with Frogans NOW’s expertise.
During this discovery, we define the project from a business and design perspective and focus on their goals and needs.





2. Wireframing & prototyping

Wireframing is the process in the design phase where we begin to structure the user interface elements that allows users to navigate the Frog.
We will develop a set of wireframes with creative concepts and interfaces to build a clean, fully functional Frogs that will meet your business goals.
Think about it as the blueprint you need to build your dream house. Prototyping is the art and science of designing Frog structures, slide layouts and navigation systems that make Frogs easy for visitors to find the information they need and do what they need to do on a Frog.


3. Branding and relevance

Our team of skilled professionals not only create great concepts, but we also focus on positioning various brand elements in the right place, so people can easily find them in your well developed Frog.
Because Frogs look and work exactly the same way on all smartphones, tablets, computers and other connected devices, you don’t need to worry about adapting the experience to all sorts of platforms.



4. Technical development

With extensive experience and leadership roles within the Frogans project, our skilled developers use FSDL and server-side scripting languages to engineer the most innovative and technologically advanced Frogs.
The coding phase of the Frog is tied with the programming that will implement the design. This code may be written in various languages, such as PHP and Java, depending on the project’s requirements.

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